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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Have a Heart - How Creativity Can Heal the Soul

A colleague of mine, Rebecca, is an artist.  This October it will be five years since Rebecca's husband received a brand new heart.  I understand from her that the five year mark in the transplant world is cause for celebration.  Rebecca has just started a new series on her blog (Voyage of Discovery) called "Have a Heart" in which she will create all kinds of hearts.  Where it will lead ultimately ... well, it seems she will just continue her journey to see what unfolds with each step.  The link to her first post in this series can be found here.   It seems she is off to a terrific beginning already.  If you are a caregiver or one with chronic disease, I invite you to experiment with expressing the inexpressible through some form of creativity.  It might be doodling, coloring, taking pictures, collage, writing a poem (no rhyming necessary!), planting a small garden, cooking a special meal, watercolor, knitting ...  The list is endless.  Perhaps Rebecca's early "heart" attempts will inspire you as well.  Rebecca's blog has been added to our blog For Your Creative Spirit resource list for future reference.


  1. I am rather fond of "hearts," particularly since I titled my first book, "Grieving Hearts in Worship." The picture draws me in as the two hearts interconnect, and sense a hope and a searching to connect with other hearts - there is always room for one more heart...
    Thank you Judy for the invitation to find creative means of expression to help us on the journey - whether we are a caregiver or one living with chronic disease - creative expression allows us to go to a deeper place that transcends the minds many thoughts and distractions.
    Your invitation is timely, as I have not taken the opportunity to create for awhile and my soul hungers for this.

  2. I still keep a small leather, stuffed heart that was given to me when I had my first heart episode 12 years ago, on my desk. It reminds me of the gift of my heart, and the gift of the many hearts that care for and about me. This post also reminds me to add creativity to my life. This I need to do.


  3. Thank you Judy for featuring my Have A Heart project, I'm not sure that it is worthy of the mention. When I read my own introduction to the project what really strikes me is the phrase "..paint my heart out". It was only upon reading my own words that I realized that is exactly it - I'm painting out my experience in a creative form. And my setting the intention is significant.

    Judy it is such a blessing what you are offering others. Sometimes what we didn't know we needed can be found in the experience of others. All too often there are no words to express and process what we are feeling and creative expression provides a means of processing and understanding, whether that is painting, collage, writing poetry or prose, music, photography or any of the other creative arts.

    We are very very grateful that hubby remains rejection free, yet it has been, is, and will always be, an intense experience.

    Many blessings, Judy