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Friday, June 28, 2013

An Unexpected Diagnosis

Recently one of our board members passed along this article from the publication, "Sojourners."  It is one man's story with his unexpected medical diagnosis and his journey toward trusting God more deeply through that process.  You can read it here, Losing Control.

The writer shares,

My friend Richard Rohr, who also had a bout with cancer, told me 
that “these things change our relationship to God.” 

That is so true, isn't it?  It is not unusual for someone to deny to themselves and others that they sense a changing relationship with God out of fear that they are losing their faith, especially in times of crisis.  That fear is often shared confidentially with me in some form - almost as a secret that must remain underground.   But, just as we are changing and growing through all the circumstances of our life, it makes sense that how we relate to God will change as we adjust to a new normal.  

I always find personal stories like this to be helpful in some regard.  Sometimes the person's circumstances are very near to mine and I latch onto every nugget of wisdom I can find.  Other times I am simply grateful to learn how one individual regains their sense of trust and deepened faith when the unexpected happens.  Although the lesson may not match my current circumstances in that moment, it is very likely it will become relevant at some point in the future.  It all belongs.

As space permits, we always welcome the opportunity to pass along a helpful article, website, blog, etc. that our readers think could benefit anyone living with a chronic diagnosis and/or those who support someone in their journey.  Email me at director@myawba.org if you find your own gem to share.

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