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Friday, March 13, 2015

Same Mission - Better Clarity

As AWBA has grown into itself and learned how God is guiding this ministry, we have chosen to revise our mission statement to more clearly describe who we are, and what we provide. 

Our new mission statement reads,

A collective of spiritual directors, artists and others who provide soul care to people with a chronic diagnosis and those who support them.

Our vision statement is unchanged and reads,

Through in-person gatherings and Internet-based programming, AWBA is a vital resource of spiritual care for those impacted personally and/or professionally by a chronic diagnosis.  Our programming is personal, creative, relevant, nonjudgmental, and accessible to anyone regardless of their beliefs, where they live, and their ability to leave home.

We have had increasing opportunity in recent months to interact with individuals and groups new to AWBA.  In those exchanges we have learned (1) some people connect better with the phrase "soul care" than with "spiritual care",  and (2) some assume our focus is on therapy and counseling within support group settings.   

As we look at the programming that has been most successful, it is often facilitated by spiritual directors, professional artists, expressive artists and others who support our desire for programming that is personal, creative, relevant, nonjudgmental and accessible.  We believed it helpful to better identify those who facilitate our programs.  We chose to use the word "collective" to indicate our strong desire to be in collaboration and partnership with others who desire to make a difference in this way. There is power and synergy growing in the AWBA community.   We believe focusing on the strength of a collective will ensure that we continue to discover quality facilitators for our programs.

We will be revising our website with this information to include brief bios and pictures of those who are part of the AWBA collective because of the programs that they facilitate through AWBA or with whom we are collaborating for a specific event.  This information will be updated regularly so that you can always learn more about those who are facilitating an event that you may be interested in or who may be present as a support to the facilitator.

We will continue to grow and learn so these statements may change again.  Thank you for being on this journey with us.

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