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Friday, September 26, 2014

When the day feels hard ...

There is a small, country church that I often drive by when running errands.  Since last week, its sign has read, "Life is hard.  Look up."  Honestly, I somewhat discounted the message with thoughts along the lines of, "I already know to look to God when things are hard."  I pretty much ignored the fact that it might have something new to say to me today.  Yesterday, without recalling the sign's literal meaning, I looked up.  These past few days and nights in Ohio have been absolutely stunning.  Cerulean blue sky, a wisp of cloud here and there, leaves beginning to break open their color box ~ truly take-your-breath-away moments.  

While my personal circumstances seem to clicking along in a kind and gentle way at the moment, any quick peek at the international news breaks my heart and can give way to moments of deep sadness and  helplessness of "what can I do"?  It seems there is always "something" just not right.  It may be a hardship in your own life, in the life of someone you love, in your immediate community, and, often, in the larger world in which we are all intimately connected in ways we often miss. 

Life is hard.  Look up.  Really.  Today, get outdoors wherever you are and in whatever environment in which you find yourself today.  Take a moment to look up.  Look out.  Look down.  This planet Earth is our home.  The Holy One created it for us.  The beauty is there, even on the darkest of days.  Take a moment to soak in Creation and deeply breathe.  That Sabbath moment invites us back to center to move through our day feeling just a bit more grounded and held in a holy embrace.

If you are photography nut as I am (amateurs included, as I am!!!), send a .jpg to me at director@myawba.org of your moment.  Simply provide your first name and your general location.  I will post these to share with others in another week or so.

Here is mine to get you started …

Judy, an early morning in Southeastern Ohio


  1. I remember being in my early 20's and hearing my pastor, Dr. Floyd Faust, talk about "looking up" when we are walking. I have never forgotten it. To this day I remember that encouragement to not always be looking down, limiting our vision of the beauty of the world. I still do it. Yesterday I took my almost weekly ride through Hocking Hills with my friend Nancy, and all we did was "look up" into leaves of red and yellow, gorgeous blue skies, sun trickling through the green and changing leaves. Rocks jutting out kissing us from the sides of the roads with gleaming, sparkling creeks flowing in the sun and shade. The beauty of the earth. Lest we never forget, God's beautiful creation, and appreciate it always. I can't believe God has blessed me with a friend who enjoys the same views that I do and a wonderful friendshp to boot. I am blessed.

    1. Sounds like a double blessing day for both of you!