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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Creativity as a Spiritual Practice

In her book Visual Journaling, Barbara Ganim shares about the healing aspect of creative expression.  She uses the acronym ART to make her point,


Imagine taking 15 minutes to sit with a blank piece of paper and a box of new crayons (has anyone ever actually finished a box of crayons before buying a new box??)  and identifying shapes, colors, lines, and/or images that depict the impact of chronic disease on your life in that very moment.  Accessing an emotion and releasing it to paper through image rather than a stream of words carries the power to transform the emotion in that moment.  

For anyone who longs to engage in creativity, but simply doesn't know how to begin, I will be facilitating a nine-week series, "Creativity as a Spiritual Practice" offered through The Spirituality Network.  Although this event is not targeted solely toward those impacted by chronic disease, it will certainly serve AWBA's audience.  Sometimes it is helpful to take our focus off of the intensity of living in this hard place and divert our attention to a creative venue.  Allowing ourselves to wonder and play can  transform a hardship we have been carrying - to see it in a new and creative way.  The retreat takes places on-line (similar to AWBA's on-line retreat experiences) in addition to a closing retreat for those in the Hocking Hills area of Ohio or willing to travel to the area.  Visit Creativity Retreat for more information.   Space is limited to 10 and the deadline to register is April 1.  Expressing one's creativity is a powerful force for healing.  Those impacted by chronic disease may find this experience very helpful.  Registration takes place through the Network.  (NOTE - This workshop filled very quickly and registration is now closed.  If you are interested in something like this in the future, please email me at director.)

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  1. This looks very good. I really like the acronym ART - Access, Release, Transform. That puts the creative elements in a whole different perspective.