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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Journey With SoulCollage

"The Artist of Luminous Darkness"

I am one who creates a window in the darkness to a new way of being when a door to the old closes.  What I want from you is a heart seeking God's light.  What I have to give you is the capacity to  creatively hold light and dark for self and others. 
 -- Judy Smoot

I created a series of SoulCollage cards over a six-month period as I was transitioning from the familiar life I had known to the new life awaiting me through AWBA.   Although the SoulCollage process was simple, the impact for me in the process of creating the cards, the journal prompts that helped me understand what God might be trying to teach me in that moment, and the way these cards have revealed deeper truth over time have been anything but simple.  The power of the arts and creativity is that we are invited to access a deeper place beyond analysis and quick, easy answers.    What I continue to appreciate about SoulCollage is that it is a an easy "go to" project when I know something is asking to be brought to the surface but I do not know what it is nor how to speak it.  I let the image come forth and, eventually, the words come.  Join us on March 9 for an "Introduction to SoulCollage."  During this four-hour workshop, facilitator MJ Abell will offer

~ a full explanation of SoulCollage and the different types of cards
~ ample time to make cards and gather images to use later on your own time at home
~ abundant supplies and images from which to choose
~ a list of SoulCollage resources (books, YouTube videos, websites, etc.)
~ a safe environment in which to create

In addition, the Worthington Hills Country Club will offer a lovely, private setting in which to create and a light lunch of quiche, vegetable and fruit trays, dessert and beverages.  Click the above link for registration information or visit our Events page.  A reduced rate of $55 is available through February 25 with registration continuing until March 1.  Space is limited to 15.  This event benefits AWBA's programs and services and is open to the community.  If you would like to support AWBA's ministry but are not interested in this event personally, consider gifting a friend or family member!


  1. Hi Judy, like you I too love SoulCollage and find the process to be both life-affirming and challenging. Like you too I always seem to turn to it in times of transition. It is a marvellous tool for use in the ancient practice of discernment. Much love, Edith xxx