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Friday, October 12, 2012

Sacrifice + Bliss

Bliss coming from sacrifice - I like the hope of that idea.  Joy from sorrow, peace from sadness, resurrection from death ... so true to how life unfolds yet hard to experience as we transition from one place to the other.  “Sacrifice+Bliss” is the title of an exhibition at our community’s Franklin Park Conservatory fpconservatory.org.  The artist, Aurora Robson, identifies herself as an artist and activist.  She has intercepted over 70,000 plastic bottles and other non-biodegradable trash to create large-scale sculptures and mixed-media collages.  Aurora’s intention through this work is to create awareness about pollution and sustaining our environment for future generations.  Learn more about her at Aurora Robson.

I visited the exhibit early this week.   Viewing this rescued trash recreated into a thing of beauty, I couldn’t help but connect this artist’s intention with the desire I carry for those served through AWBA.  Many of us impacted by chronic disease experience times when it seems that nothing of the disease process can be recreated into anything of beauty.  Sometimes we may almost envision our numerous losses washed up on a remote shore somewhere and left behind.

I was overwhelmed with “Bliss” - beautiful art exploding with color and vibrancy - created from “Sacrifice” - those things tossed out as useless.  Does this thought connect with you in some way?  Are there pieces of your life “AD” (after diagnosis) that were sacrificed and seem no longer useful?  If so, sit with these images and those on Aurora's website to reflect about how this idea of moving from sacrifice to bliss might resonate with you.   Bliss may be too much of a leap today.   If that is the case, just begin to wonder if there are some sacrifices you have experienced that God has begun to creatively shift to an unexpected blessing beginning to shine forth. Look beneath the surface of the immediate moment.  Is there a blessing trying to push through to be nurtured into full blown bliss?  If it simply cannot be found today, allow it to be front and center in your awareness in the days ahead and see if something begins to shift within you. 

The retreat that AWBA will begin on October 21 includes a discussion, “Giving the Mess Some Meaning.”  Sacrifice to bliss, mess to meaning - it is all forward, creative movement.  A few spaces still remain for this on-line retreat.  If you are interested, visit  Always We Begin Again  for more information or contact director@myawba.org. Although the registration deadline is this Sunday the 14th, we may still be able to connect you next week.

May you find moments of bliss
 in whatever challenges you face today.  Share your Sacrifice + Bliss moments in the comments and inspire others in their own journeys.

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