Welcome to AWBA

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hello.  My name is Judy and I am the founder and Executive Director for Always We Begin Again.  Myself and my companions on this journey (an outstanding Board of Directors) welcome you to this blog and to our new website at www.myawba.org.  It is important for me to share at the outset that I would be on the "least likely" list for those who feel equipped to lead a website development effort, set up a blog, etc.  But, in this day and age and (most importantly) considering who we serve, having a web-based presence  and a virtual connection for the development of relationships with our audience has put me in a place of needing to embark on a huge learning curve.  So, thank you for your patience as we make substantive changes to this blog each time a new lesson is learned! 

Our vision for this blog is in process but the immediate goals are to provide:

- inspiration for your spiritual journey as a caregiver or one with a chronic diagnosis,
- a behind-the-scenes peek into our programs and future hopes and dreams for serving you,
- some back story on me and my journey so that you begin to develop a relationship with AWBA to let us know needs and desires that we may be able to support, and
- a place for you to "drop in" when the road feels long and the idea of beginning yet again feels like too much.

Beyond that, we will see what develops and go from there.  When the time is right, we have a few "guest bloggers" ready to go.   They are people also walking this journey who carry an inspirational story for others.  For the present time, we will not solicit comments directly to this blog.  You can contact me at director@myawba.org.  To receive an email when new blog posts are made, enter your email

 address in the box on the right to follow this blog.  If or when it seems time to set up a group site for dialogue among participants, we will do that through another service.

Thank you for visiting and may you experience a moment of peace each time you connect with AWBA.